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| Last Updated::12/04/2018

Major Activity


Science Express Climate Action Special train activities

Science Express Climate Action Special
train activities


The Science Express Climate Action Special (SECAS) is an innovative mobile science exhibition mounted on a 16 coach AC train which has been custom-built for the Department of Science & Technology (DST) by the Indian Railways. The state-of-the-art exhibition aboard the 'Science Express’ aims to create awareness among various sections of society especially students as to how Climate Change can be combated through mitigation and adaptation.
As per the schedule of the exhibition, the train was at Puducherry station during 15-16 June, 2017. During this exhibition, the CASMB ENVIS Centre (Centre of Advanced Study in Marine Biology Environmental Information System Centre) organized the following activities at Puducherry:
1.      The importance of estuaries, mangroves, coral reefs and lagoons were discussed with school students and their teachers. The threats posed by over-exploitation and global warming were explained to them.
2.      An essay and drawing competition on climate change was conducted. The ENVIS publications were distributed to the winners.
3.      The ENVIS publications were displayed – the students were very much interested in browsing through the local language (TAMIL) books and monographs.
4.      The brochures about CASMB ENVIS Centre with explanation on its activities besides the importance of coastal and marine biodiversity were distributed.
5.      Overall,15,489 visitors (school and college students, their teachers and general public) visited the SECAS Exhibition. 
 School students being briefed about the ENVIS activities during the Science Express Climate Action Special (SECAS) Exhibition in Puducherry. Conduct of essay and drawing competition, distribution of publications to the participants of the competition are also shown