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| Last Updated:: 17/02/2016


Our CASMB ENVIS Centre has been efficiently performing and contributing its services to the all

scientific community continuously from1992.  It has delighted more than two decades of successful process

in its excellent research field of “Marine Biology” particularly sensitive and fragile coastal wetland

ecosystems: Estuaries, Mangroves, Coral reefs and Lagoons which are assigned by the Ministry of

Environment and Forests since 1992. Now, the theme may be altered from ‘Marine Biology’ to ‘Coastal and

Marine Biodiversity’
which was suggested by Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) during 2013 with

expanding the data base areas  such as sand dunes, mud flats, sea grass etc.. With the objective of

pertaining to the above-mentioned important significant coastal ecosystems with the people’s minds,

hearts and lives, our Centre is involved in collecting, collating, retrieving and disseminating the scientific

information on these subjects to the ecologists, policy makers, scientists, researches, teachers, scholars,

students and the general public. This centre has been acknowledged with the best ENVIS centre award for

the year 2006 and also ENVIS logo competition first praise winner during the year 2004 by the Ministry of

Environment & Forests, Government of India.


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