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| Last Updated::23/02/2017

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Sea Level Rise Is Disappearing Salt Marshes

Sea Level Rise is Disappearing Salt Marshes

Getty Images Salt Marshes may Vanish as Ascent of Sea Levels Takes Place

It is being said that the salt marshes around the world may vanish without a trace as the ascent of sea levels takes place on a regular basis.
As climate change comes of age, many facets of the environment are facing the brunt of the burden. Sea levels, for one thing, are rising faster than usual. Also with this threat, there are other problems which seem to have cropped up.
These include the disappearance of salt marshes. Eight coastal salt marshes which are situated in the US have been under observation. These are likely to be wiped out within the next 350 years if we are not careful.
Yet the question is whether we have any need of these salt marshes. They are in fact very vital and crucial parts of the environment. The coastal regions are virtually dependent upon them.
They offer a shield of sorts from riptides, soil erosion and deluges that upset the ecosystem in a drastic manner. Also many animals such as avian species and crabs and lobsters abound in the regions thanks to the salt marshes.
Due to rising sea levels, these salt marshes become prone to erosion and degradation. This decreases their value as natural protective agencies. The data is just in.
According to the experts, such is indeed the case that these salt marshes are facing deleterious effects due to environmental chaos. This study raises awareness regarding this environmental issue.
Via this piece of news, those who show concern and care for the surroundings and pristine natural milieu may take conservation steps to protect the ecosystem. This may be difficult at this late stage of pollution and global warming, yet at least it is a start. Something after all is better than nothing.

Source: 14U NEWS, Posted: Feb 14 2017, 8:00am